Derrick Mason was on the show on Monday and said he’d like to retire a Raven. My guess is he will submit his retirement paperwork and then come up here for a press conference. It’s a great step. He left with hard feelings, but he was a great Raven, played hurt and played hard! It will be interesting to see if he will get in the Ring of Honor.

So far, everyone that is in was on the Super Bowl team (with the exception of Earnest Byner, but it’s a joke that he’s in). There are some more to come, Ray Lewis soon, Ed Reed not far behind are for sure. I think Jamal Lewis will be in. I was told that Todd Heap, if he got in, would be ahead of Derrick Mason. Suggs will be in for sure when he retires. Ngata, if he stays with the Ravens will be in there in the next 7-10 years.

I would love to see Derrick make it, but I think Derrick may have to wait and see what happens with some of these upcoming Ravens teams. They have to be careful about diluting the Ring of Honor because in 30 years, you don’t want 40 guys in there.


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