Mike Florio, a writer for profootballtalk.com, called into the Norris and Davis Show to talk about how the NFL is handling the bounty situation, the possibility that Terrell Suggs might not get paid this season, and Ricky Williams’ recent comments.

Florio recently wrote an article about how the NFL might release some of the evidence they claim to have in the New Orleans Saints bounty case. He said that the NFL needs to share the evidence with the public.

“We need raw evidence. I don’t want to take anyones word for anything on matters like this, so at some point the NFL has got share evidence with us,” he said.

Florio said the NFL is considering releasing evidence but with the names of the sources concealed, and after the appeals of the four players suspended in the bounty case has concluded. He said that this is not good enough.

“I just don’t think that’s good enough. Put it [evidence] out there so that people can have confidence in what the NFL is doing,” he said.

Florio also addressed the possibility that Baltimore Raven’s Linebacker, Terrell Suggs, might lose money for getting hurt because he did not get hurt at the Raven’s workout facilities.

“I would tell any player out there if they take a penny from Terrell Suggs, the moment the season ends, get yourself a case of pork-rinds,a refrigerator full of beer, but on bowling or golf or whatever, and sit there and get fat,” he said.

Recently, retired NFL Running Back, Ricky Williams, said that he doesn’t believe that there are connections between concussions and brain damage. Florio said that there is evidence to prove otherwise.

“It’s just weird to hear comments like that at a time where there is so much evidence to suggest that repeated concussion will eventually cause problems. Ricky’s attitude is ‘don’t bother me with science that gets in the way with everything I feel like saying,'” he said.

Florio ended the interview with saying that players and fans, in the wake of Junior Seau’s death, need to stop complaining about the NFL’s efforts to make the game safer.

“The Seau suicide should be the moment where players and fans say ‘You know what? Maybe we aren’t going to complain about these efforts to make the game safer. Maybe we are going to buy in, instead,'” he said.


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