As the Baltimore Orioles sport a 25-14 record, many will look with doubt, wondering whether or not this team will be able to sustain this pace. In fact, some have said that even though the O’s have the better record going into this inter-league match-up against the Washington Nationals, the team down south is in better shape to contend.

I’m not sure whether or not they can be better than the Nats. I don’t know whether they’ll be in first place by season’s end. One thing I do know is that the Baltimore Orioles will not battle to NOT lose 100 games this season. I do know that they ARE a better team than they were last year.

It almost seems as if people are upset over their successful start. There were so many predictions of them having a horrible year by the experts and fans and now they are off to an amazing start. It’s almost as if people are angry over the fact that they were wrong about this team.

If you have plans this weekend, leave early. B/W Parkway maybe a little crowded with the O’s and the Nats battling for beltway supremacy.

Rob Long


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