Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts has not played in a Major League game since May 16, 2011. So after missing more than a year with concussions, his manager says he might just be back on the field in the near future. Buck Showalter has a lot of optimism for his return. He said, “It is more or less when he will be back on the field than if.”  It’s the skipper’s most revealing comments in months: VIDEO

The Orioles don’t want to rush Roberts too soon and have him re-injure himself. He played more than 100 games yearly for the O’s from 2003 through 2009. Through those seven seasons he averaged more than 20 stolen bases, while recording a career high 50 stolen bases in 2007.

At 34, Roberts may still contribute to the team. When he comes back and if the O’s are still fighting for the division or a playoff berth, just think B-Rob, Hardy, Markakis, Jones, Wieters, Davis, etc. That could be a “game changing lineup,” but only if Roberts could come back and be the great leadoff hitter he once was.


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