BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The Red Cross is in desperate need of several critical blood types. The news comes just as the slow season for donations kicks in.

Monique Griego has more on how you can help the summer slump.

Scott Adams has what some might consider an unusual way of relaxing.

“It’s almost sort of a meditative state you go into when you’re doing it,” he said.

As a regular donor, Adams is crucial to the Red Cross’ blood supply, but during the summer donors like him are hard to come by.

“We tend to lose a lot of our donors who would normally schedule regular appointments, and then again we’re not seeing a lot of first time donors this time of year,” said Katie Turner, American Red Cross.

That drop in donations many times means the Red Cross doesn’t have enough blood to meet the community demand.

“One blood donation can touch up to three different people, help three people in a local hospital, and it’s vitally important that we have these products on the shelf before accidents happen,” Turner said.

While the Red Cross is always in need of blood, right now they’re experiencing a severe shortage for certain blood types. That’s especially true for type O, which is always in demand because it’s universal and can be transfused into any patient.

“We like to have three days on the shelf and right now we have about two. So we can consider that an emergency level,” Turner said.

Turner is hoping more people like Adams will come in to turn things around.

“It’s something relatively easy to do. Get a magazine. Get a couple of cookies and juice. You’re good,” one donor said.

The Red Cross says new donors typically spend an hour at the center. That actual donation only takes 10 minutes.


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