MANCHESTER, Md. (WJZ) — It was a big surprise for a Carroll County couple when they came across a huge bear just feet away from their car.

Weijia Jiang reports they have pictures to prove it.

Black bear sightings are actually pretty typical this time of year in Maryland, but when one Carroll County couple spotted one trying to cross this road, it was a shock.

Elinore and Marvin Frush’s home in rural Carroll County is a sanctuary for all kinds of animals.

“We see deer, fox, raccoons, possums,” said Elinore Frush.

But this week the couple was stunned to see a new one, as they drove along Route 27, just miles from their Manchester home.

“Out of the side of my eye I looked over and my God there was a bear. I told my wife ‘Oh my God. There’s a bear!’” said Marvin Frush.

“We couldn’t believe it. We just couldn’t believe it,” Elinore Frush said.

Marvin pulled off to the side for a double take.

“He just stood still and looked at us, and we looked at him,” he said.

They shared a moment–one Elinore captured quickly.

She takes her camera everywhere just in case there’s a story someone won’t believe without a picture.

“This was him leaving, going back into the woods,” Elinore Frush said.

A spokesman for the Department of Natural Resources says black bear sightings are normal this time of year.

He’s gotten a few calls about one, who he believes is a 2-year-old male trying to find territory to mark as his own.

DNR says male bears usually roam 80-100 miles before finding a place to call home.

“He didn’t have a friend or a mate or anything,” Marvin Frush said.

The Frush family likes to believe that’s what the bear was really looking for.

Last year they celebrated 50 years of marriage. Their latest adventure is a new tale to share with the grandbabies.

“They all said ‘Wow, Nana. That’s awesome,’” Elinore Frush said.

DNR says the best thing to do if you spot a black bear is leave it alone because the animal is probably more scared than you are.


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