ESPN’s Sal Palantonio called into The Norris and Davis Show to talk about the Raven’s OTA’s (Organized Team Activities), the Ray Rice contract situation, and Billy Cundiff.

Palantonio was at the Raven’s voluntary OTA’s last week and said he didn’t understand the absence of star players such as Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, and Ed Reed.

“They don’t report to Training Camp until July 26. So, you get five weeks off anyway, between mandatory mini-camp and training camp. So, it would seem to me, that if you reduce the number of days under your [Collective Bargaining Agreement], because you wanted to reduce the number of practices you would show up for all ten [OTA’s],” he said.

Palantonio said he was surprised by the absences of those players, especially after what they said after their loss in the AFC Championship game.

“You talked after the game that ‘We’re going to re-configure this team, we are going to re-calibrate, we are going to get back on the field, and we’re going to get right back to  it.’ Well, the way to do that is to be there with your young players to set an example and say this is what we are all about,” he said.

Palantonio also talked about the Ray Rice contract situation and said Rice needed to be the one to compromise in this situation.

“He can’t be looking for Adrian Peterson kind of money or Chris Johnson kind of guaranteed money north of thirty million dollars. He’s going to have to come down from that, and if he does, there will be some room for negotiation,” he said.

Palantonio also expressed his disappointment in the treatment Ravens Kicker, Billy Cundiff, has received after his missed field goal in the AFC Championship game.

“That’s sad. That’s horrible. Billy Cundiff is a good guy. He missed a bad field goal in a critical situation, but I hate to see that happen,” he said.

Palantonio said the coaching team needs to show confidence in Cundiff.

“If their going to go anywhere they need the high to have a high degree of confidence in his own ability and so the team needs to definitely show confidence in him and I think that they have,” he said.

-Sarah Davis


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