FALLSTON, Md. (WJZ)– Severe weather hits several Maryland counties with rain, flash floods and tornadoes.

Gigi Barnett reports on some of the worst damage from Harford County and some of the hardest hit areas.

The first Tornado Warning in Harford County went into effect at 6 p.m. Friday. Rescue workers said that a mere 20 minutes later, they received the first 911 calls pleading for help.

Homeowners on Milton Avenue in Fallston say the storm that ripped through their street moved fast.

“It took a mobile home and picked it up and flipped it on its roof and threw it over about 10 cars,” Tim Meninger, a Fallston resident, said.

“Just shock, horror. Just glad everyone is OK,” Fallston resident Jo Taylor said.

Some of them were at home when the commotion began.

“We were in our room getting on our pajamas and the light started flickering,” Becke Ehrsam said.

Others were blocked by traffic and police.

“I just go into the neighborhood. They just allowed us in. We weren’t allowed in the neighborhood for a while,” Januca Berry said.

By the time Berry arrived, two trampolines lay in her front yard– one of them belongs to a neighbor several houses away.

“My concern would be now that the trampoline came over the house, I’m worried about roof damage,” Berry said.

Neighbors switched to generators after strong wind gusts snapped power lines, leaving them in the dark.

And stores were blacked out along Bel Air Road blocking the start of the night shift business.

Medics rushed two people to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Harford County officials said that other people were also hurt but refused treatment.

Now with the possibility of more storms, rescue crews say they’re not in the clear just yet.

“These storms can be dangerous and they come up without warning,” Dave Williams of the Harford County Volunteer Fire Company said.

Several downed power lines are keeping homeowners and businesses in the dark. Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is in the area assessing the damage. Rescue workers said they will try to have the power back on by midday on Saturday, but the extensive damage might delay the process.


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