FINKSBURG, Md. (WJZ) — The cleanup continues in Carroll County.

Gigi Barnett reports.

Earl Hanson has some words to describe the storm damage to his Finksburg home.

“Lucky it didn’t hit the house,” he said.

Hanson says he received an early morning phone call telling him to rush home. He rode out this weekend’s storm at a family farm. He arrived to trees blocking his driveway and downed telephone lines. And that was just the damage to the front yard.

“See, that’s what’s in the back. It laid it down, didn’t it?” Hanson said.

His cleanup will take time. But not as long as Doug Swinton’s. During the storm, a 90-foot tree smashed through his bedroom. His family was inside.

“It was panic. It was just panic. My wife screaming, trying to find the cats,” said Swinton.

For Hanson, his trees took the brunt of the storm.

Barnett: “It went everywhere but your house.”
Hanson: “Saved me there. I was lucky.”

The next step for homeowners like Hanson is getting in contact with their insurance companies. But here’s the problem: It’s a weekend and some offices are not open. Plus, all of this damage may not be covered in their policies.


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