Still wrapping up the tornado assessments from Friday, while a new round of severe weather moves our way Sunday evening. Before we get into this, it will NOT be anything like Friday.

We are in a very unsettled weather pattern for the next few days. The parent low that drove the stormy weather through the Mid-Atlantic Friday is sitting and spinning over New England/eastern Canada. That low is in the upper levels of the atmosphere, and when you have this set up with a low that strong, it lends to upward motion, showers, and thunderstorms. We will see daily variances, but the chance for a shower or thunderstorm to develop each and every day (mainly afternoon/evening) through Wednesday or Thursday.

Sunday evening’s thunderstorms are coming with a little extra punch, as a weak cold front swings down from the north. So the thunderstorms that have bubbled up have grown to severe level. That means that they could produce winds 58 mph +, hail 1″ +, or a tornado. Our biggest threat would be gusty winds or hail. Since these are borderline severe, they will weaken when the sun sets and they lose that energy.

In addition to the daily showers and thunderstorms popping, it will remain cool. We only topped out at 78 degrees Sunday afternoon. That is below the average of 79 degrees. We will stay below that average for the rest of the week, with highs in the low 70s Tuesday and Wednesday.

If any warnings are issued through the evening, we will be updating you on the top of the home page of our website and on the TV side.

As for the Friday storms, the National Weather Service is still assessing and reviewing everything. We will continue to see updates to the damage reports and numbers the next few afternoons, but as of now, we are up to 10 confirmed tornadoes. Here’s a list of what we know:

EF1 – Pleasant Hills, Harford County
EF1 – Watersville, Howard County
EF0 – Springdale, Prince George’s County
EF0 – Centreville, Queen Anne’s County (out of the Philly NWS, not the Sterling one)
EF0 – Mt. Airy, Carroll County
EF0 – **2** right near each other in Damascus, Montgomery County
not rated yet…
Countryside, Montgomery
Ft. Meade/BWI-Marshall, Anne Arundel County
Gamber, Carroll County

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