By Tim Williams

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — Rebuilding is about to begin in Baltimore County, as homeowners go about the business of assessing their damages.

Tim Williams has more.

Now, days after the storm, the cleanup continues throughout Baltimore County.

The sights and sounds are familiar and frequent as tree crews try to keep up with demands and damages from Friday’s outbreak of storms.

Williams: “What happened here?”
Mark Bostic, Davey Tree Service: “The storm. The storm took care of it. There’s the stump, completely uprooted. The whole entire tree.”

And not just any tree landed on the Tien’s Towson home. The one that fell through the right side of their property was more than 100-feet-tall.

Williams: “What was it like when that tree came crashing through your garage?”
H. Yuan Tien: “That’s the strangest thing. You know, when a tree falls down it makes no noise? I didn’t hear a thing. Just the wind, the thundering, the rain.”

Towson was one of the hardest hit areas of Baltimore County. Tree crews succeeded in clearing out the damage. Still, homeowners are left with getting back to normal as best they can.

The Tien family’s two-car garage took the brunt of the damage although one of their cars was inside at the time. They pulled it out with little more than a few scratches and the passenger side mirror being ripped off the side of the car. The garage was not so fortunate, however. It was pulled away from the side of the house.

A writer, Tien says his latest book “You Never Know” sums up this experience.

“You never know. I’m OK,” Tien said.

He is not unlike other residents with damage. He expects his garage to be rebuilt within two months.

Damage estimates are expected to be in the millions.


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