BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)—Ten tornadoes touched down in Maryland on Friday. Now fear turns to headaches for those trying to clean up.

Kai Jackson has more on the widespread damage in Baltimore County.

The damage is extensive and will take some time to repair.

The grinding of wood chippers was a common sound around Maryland on Monday. It’s a job born out of necessity, after tornadoes ripped a path of destruction around the state.

Baltimore County was one of the hard hit areas.

“We were outside and we ran for cover. Before I could get the garage door closed pretty much the power went out and the trees all snapped,” said Dan Johnson, homeowner.

Utility crews remained busy after the storm, trying to restore power to those who were still in the dark.

Work crews also spent the day cleaning up the damage, while homeowners and insurance adjusters spent time trying to determine how much it would cost and long it would take to repair.

“One of our cars actually got clobbered by one of the trees that fell. And we have another one that’s leaning that I’ve been calling the tree company trying to get ’em out here so that doesn’t fall,” said Susan Bryan, homeowner.

In Harford County just off Belair Road, the storm’s damage was pretty evident. A roof was ripped completely apart, and the storm ripped the brick right off the side of a small office complex building.

As the storm roared through Harford County, Wallace Vlsassis was at a physical therapy appointment. He and others hunkered down in an office building.

“I remember hearing rain and then all you hear is wind and the sound of almost a freight train, as you look outside and watch windows bow in and out from the winds. It was a scary experience,” Vlsassis said.

Though there is widespread damage, there were only a few injuries reported and no deaths.


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