PASADENA, Md. (WJZ) — Two teens are in police custody, accused of throwing a bottle bomb at a 6-year-old girl on the playground. It’s the sixth bottle bomb incident in Anne Arundel County this year.

Rochelle Ritchie speaks with parents who are now on high alert.

From a distance they look like any other bottle, but in a few seconds they can become deadly.

“It can be extremely dangerous,” said Cpt. James Rostek, Anne Arundel County Fire.

Rostek says besides being dangerous, bottle bombs are unfortunately popular because of sources like the Internet.

A 6-year-old girl in Pasadena came inches away from being seriously injured at a Sunset Elementary playground after investigators say two teenagers threw a bottle bomb at her while she played.

Melissa Idleman says her children play in the park all the time.

“My kids do it all the time. They see an empty bottle in the park. My 3-year-old, she picks it up and starts playing with it,”  Idleman said.

This is the sixth incident Anne Arundel County has investigated this year. They investigated 28 cases in 2011.

“It’s sad,” Rostek said.

The two teenagers were found just a few feet away from the playground. Police say they were actually sitting on bleachers next to household cleaning products that are often used to make the bottle bombs.

Those two teens are now in custody, facing felony charges.

“I just don’t think kids understand the consequences of what happens to the stuff they probably find on the Internet,”  Idleman said.

Rostek says spotting a bottle bomb can be challenging, but there are some characteristics that stand out.

“The devices may be emanating an odor or have their sides swelling out; increased pressure should raise suspension,” he said.

Fire officials are still investigating whether the teens are connected to other bottle bomb explosions in the area.

People are asked to call police should they spot a suspicious bottle.


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