I believe this is the match up that most basketball fans want to see. You have 6 huge superstars including the 2 best players in the league.

Everyone is looking for the Kevin Durant Vs Lebron James, head to head battle. I still believe Lebron James is the best overall player in the league. All the talk about him in the 4th Quarter is a little unwarranted. Lebron James has a higher percentage of game winning or tying shots than Kobe Bryant. I really believe that Lebron won’t be denied this year. The Thunder have home court advantage and look like the better team overall. They have Westbrook and Harden along with Durant, and in my opinion, they are 3 of the toughest guys to guard in the league. If anyone can match up with them, Its the Miami Heat. With Lebron, Dwyane Wade and Shane Battier, the Heat have 3 solid defenders.

The X-factor for the Heat is Chris Bosh. His game isn’t pretty, but he can stretch the floor because he has a good jump shot. If he is able to knock down the 18 footer, then Ibaka will have to come out and guard him, which will leave open driving lanes for James and Wade. The X-factor for the Thunder is the bench. It sounds kind of silly to say, but that is where the Thunder have the edge. They are a deeper team and have the ability to stay fresh by bringing in role players that can get the job done.

I’m picking the Heat to win in 7 games. Lebron James will be the MVP and will finally silence the critics about his play in the 4th Quarter.


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