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WOODSBORO, Md. (AP) — The dog days are dreaded by many, but Jeff and Tina Bergquist hope to see plenty in their future.

After Tina, 50, was forced to stay home on disability because of debilitating migraine headaches and Jeff, 52, was laid off from his job at a Germantown body shop about a year and a half ago, the couple decided to make Tina’s hobby — dog grooming — into a family business.

They concluded it would be too expensive and perhaps not very profitable to run the business from their home in Woodsboro, so they bought a custom trailer from an Indiana company in March.

And Wagging Bubbles Mobile Dog Spa was born.

Tina, a certified groomer, does the dirty work while Jeff drives the trailer to customers’ homes. Tina’s sister, Kacey Till, does the bookkeeping and marketing.

“I think it’s something I really fell into,” Tina said of the business. Her migraines prevent her from driving, so “I was going
pretty stir crazy out here,” she said.

To keep herself busy, she began bathing and brushing relatives’ and friends’ dogs in her house. Smaller dogs went into the sink, and bigger ones went into the shower stall, she said with a laugh.

“I always wanted to work with animals,” she said. “We’re big pet people.”

Jeff and Tina have three German shepherds. When Jeff lost his job and could not find a new one, the couple took the opportunity to do something they both enjoyed for a living.

“Ten years ago, we thought (Jeff) was going to retire at his job,” Tina said.

Jeff said he is thankful, in some ways, that those plans fell through. Working for himself, setting his own hours and spending time with his wife are much better than a commute to Germantown and the stresses that came with his old job, he said.

For Tina, the work is therapeutic. Making the dogs feel better makes her feel better, she said.

Her grooming process includes washing, drying, brushing the coat, deshedding, brushing the teeth, a facial and a massage. All canines also receive a bow or bandanna.

Tina hopes to use Wagging Bubbles to help people as well.

The Bergquists plan to travel to North Carolina this summer to do volunteer grooming at a wolf dog sanctuary, as well as help out at the Frederick County Humane Society when they can.

“I want to give back to the people who are taking care of these animals,” Tina said.

“If I could do this for free all the time, I would,” she said. “They’re so beautiful after I get them done. It’s almost like a
work of art to me.”

Information from: The Frederick (Md.) News-Post,

(Copyright 2012 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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