BALTIMORE (WJZ/MARYLAND ZOO) — The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has a new family member:  an African pygmy goat kid.

 Born on June 10 to the zoo’s African pygmy goat pair, Lex and Lois, Lana is the first kid to be born at the zoo in many years.

“Lex and Lois came to the Zoo in December with the hope that they would breed,” said Mike McClure, general curator for The Maryland Zoo. “It became apparent a few weeks ago that breeding had been successful, and we have been preparing the barn for this new arrival. Sunday morning keepers found the kid newly born and resting with her mother.”

Lana weighs 3 pounds, and began to walk approximately one hour after birth.

“A first time mother, Lois is properly caring for her offspring and we have seen the kid actively nursing,” said McClure. “Keepers have been watching mom and baby and will continue to monitor them closely to ensure that they are doing well.”

Zoo visitors can see Lois and Lana in the Maryland Zoo’s Farmyard area next to the sheep.

“Lana is quite small and she likes to nap behind the water bowl in the exhibit,” said McClure. “For now, visitors will need to look carefully for a little furry black baby with white ears, but as she grows she will become very active.”


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