In and Out.

I’m not talking about a LeBron James jump shot, no this is about two Baltimore sports fixtures making headlines this week. Brian Roberts is in!

For the first time since May of last year B-Rob was playing major league baseball Tuesday night. Like the rest of us he had doubts if he’d ever return to the game he loves. Concussion syndrome threatened his baseball career and challenged him doing simple things in everyday life.

On a wet night before a small crowd he made it back. The former all-star who had seasons with 50 doubles and 50 steals returned with a 3-hit night helping the Orioles down the Pirates. When it was over he was dirty, sweaty and loving it. Here’s what he told reporters after his night at the office.

“I hadn’t felt like that in a long time. And that’s something that, there’s not that many people in the world can understand that feeling, what it feels like to be a part of 25 or 30 guys that are all striving for the same thing, working toward that, and all have the same goals and desires. To be a part of that is something really, really special.”

Adam Jones saluted the star of the game with a pie in the face (gently) during the post game TV interview. Brian Roberts has lost a ton of games in his Orioles career Tuesday night may have been his biggest win. Welcome back Brian Roberts!

Ed Reed is out! Ray Lewis says sometimes life calls you away from the game and thinks Reed’s no-show at MANDATORY mini-camp isn’t an issue. John Harbaugh likely doesn’t agree, and many Ravens fans are tired of the Ed Reed act.

I don’t think Ed Reed needs a three day mini-camp to be a Pro Bowl safety. His tape preparation and feel for what offenses do is world-class. This has more to do with league policy than football. The new CBA demands that Ed Reed spend these three days at the Castle. If he doesn’t show he could be fined about 70-grand.

Ed Reed has always been more individual than team, but this individual has always made the Ravens a better team. With Suggs, Jarrett Johnson and Cory Redding missing from the front seven the Ravens don’t need Ed Reed missing from the secondary. He’ll be 34 in September and he’s not the player he once was, but Ed Reed is still one of the best safeties in the NFL.

The Ravens and Ed Reed need each other this season whether they like it or not.


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