If you haven’t heard, Floyd Mayweather is about 10 days into his 82 day sentence and according to his doctor has lost muscle tone because of the poor food and water in his temporary home.

This story is so ridiculous I have tried to ignore it but just can’t.

I have been turned off by Floyd consistently over the years for reasons ranging from his apparent wish not to face Manny P in the ring (although now I think both bear blame) to his racist rants regarding Paquiao.  This latest one may top everything. What exactly did he expect upon entering prison? Good food? A full training facility? Massage therapy?…c’mon really? Dude you’re in jail, it sucks…oh and by the way, that’s kind of the idea! It’s supposed to suck.

I don’t know what the end game is in this latest story but he has gone from a controversial athlete to an almost pathetic figure whining about his current situation . If I can offer some advice ( and I think I can) just keep quiet, do your time without incident and get on with life . This will be a small road bump in time and forgotten by most people unless he continues to create a voluminous Internet file as he’s doing right now.

Who advises these guys?


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