The Norris & Davis show welcomed back frequent guest Jim Duquette this morning, who talked about possible trade rumors for the O’s.

Duquette dispelled possible talks of the Orioles bringing in Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano, saying he’s not worth the money.  Once a premier player, Soriano still has two years left on his 8-year, $136 million contract.  Listen Here:

“He’s just not a good player anymore, either.  Offensively, he’s really become more of a DH, he’s more of a liability in the field.”

Duquette said the Orioles would take Soriano as a package deal if they were to pursue someone like Matt Garza, in who they have expressed interest.  As expected, Garza would come at a lofty price of giving up a premium player like Manny Machado that Duquette thinks the Orioles shouldn’t pay.

Duquette says Ryan Dempster is also a possible target for the O’s, but that he probably wouldn’t accept a trade here.  Duquette remains confident that the Orioles will make a trade, even if its not for a star-studded pitcher.

“I think the focus has been pitching, its been bullpen, and I think you’re probably looking at some lesser guy, even though I’ve heard [Zack] Greinke’s name be mentioned a little bit too, he’s gonna be real expensive also.”

On the other side, Duquette says Brian Roberts is the charge that the Orioles need to solidify their offense.

“You like to have that .350, .360 on-base percentage at the top.  That line up, even though they’re struggling lately, there’ some order to it now.  That’s always been the problem without him in the line up; “Who’s gonna be that lead off guy?””

Now, there’s no question as to who leads off; it’s Brian Roberts.

Written by Intern Dave Andrews


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