By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore police are on the hunt for two robbers using Craigslist to lure their victims. In the most recent attack, gunfire broke out. Now detectives warn Craigslist buyers make easy targets for criminals.

Mike Schuh has the latest developments in the investigation.

Police say it’s a case of bait and rob. And now a woman who fought back is facing criminal charges.

A heightened police presence in Baltimore’s historic Bolton Hill neighborhood. Police say the trendy area was more like the Wild West on Monday after a robbery and shooting.

“I did hear a couple of gunshots, you know, and I was shocked,” said Joseph Pryor, Bolten Hill resident.

Police say it happened when a man and woman responded to an ad on the internet-based Craigslist for a car. Four people, two buyers and two would-be sellers, met in the 1600 of Bolton Street. Police say one of the suspects pulled a gun and told the victims they were being robbed, but the victims turned the tables on the robbers.

“A confrontation between one of the victims and the suspects ensued and the second victim pulled out a handgun and fired it indiscriminately in the air,” said Anthony Guglielmi, police spokesman.

That victim is 30-year-old Keyna Oduyoye. She’s now charged with a handgun violation and discharging a firearm in public.

The robbers fled, but it didn’t end there. Police say she started chased them, firing more shots.

“We’re very fortunate that no one in the community was hit by gunfire and none of the individuals involved in this incident suffered any injuries,” Guglielmi said.

This isn’t the first time Craigslist has been linked to crime here. Last month, city police arrested a man for using Craigslist to lure buyers and then rob them.

“You have to figure out how to use caution in those situations,” said Monica Lavorgna, Bolten Hill resident.

In this latest incident, the suspects reportedly got away with $4,000 cash. One of them did drop their gun, so police hope that will help to track them down.

If you are meeting someone off one of these websites, police say you should always meet in public and always bring a cashier’s check instead of cash. They say in some cities, Craigslist buyers have met sellers in the parking lot of police stations as a precaution.

Anyone with information on Monday’s robbery is asked to call city police.


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