It was another hot one out there again today. The high actually creeped back up to the 90s, hitting 92 degrees. That trend will come to an end temporarily.

Scattered showers and even a thunderstorm or two are coming down from PA this evening as a cold front approaches. There is the chance for some showers and even a couple of thunderstorms overnight and tomorrow as that front moves across Maryland.

It will be warm and muggy tomorrow with highs in the mid 80s. But when the front clears us, we get a dose of cooler air. That also is temporary because the heat will start to build again later in the week. After topping out at 80 on Tuesday, we will be back in the mid 80s Wednesday and then right back up to the 90s by Thursday.

Tropical storm Debby is gaining strength while barely drifting to the north in the Gulf. During it’s slow progression, it has drawn in a LOT of moisture that has been continuously pounding the Florida peninsula. The rainfall is only picking up and combining with tornadoes to pound parts of Florida today. Since Debby is moving so slowly, the rain and tornado threat is expected to continue. The National Hurricane Center has pushed its forecast track off to the east, now directed more at the Florida Panhandle. They may even push the track farther to the east in the next few updates.


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