RANDALLSTOWN, Md. (WJZ)— Demanding justice. Community members rallied in Randallstown Tuesday night, calling for the arrest of the officer who killed 17-year-old Christopher Brown earlier this month.

Mike Schuh has more from Brown’s angry mother.

She says more than enough time has passed and she wants that officer locked up for murder.

“The officer murdered my son,” said Christopher Brown’s mother, Chris.

Tuesday night, Brown’s mother lashed out at Baltimore County police and prosecutors, angry that no charges have been filed against the off-duty Baltimore County police officer involved in her son’s death.

“He needs to be arrested. He did a crime. I don’t know how many ways we can put this and I don’t know why it’s not done already,” said Brown.

It’s been almost two weeks since Brown’s death. Police say he was walking in Randallstown with others when someone threw a rock at the home of Officer James Laboard. They say the off-duty cop chased Brown and that the teen died in the altercation that followed.

Prosecutors say they need more time.

“If someone would have killed the officer, they would have arrested him right away, so I don’t understand why they’re taking this long to put the officer, charge him with something,” said David Hamilton, Christopher Brown’s mentor.

“Give us some answers. Let us know what procedures you’re taking. We want to know what actions will be followed up from this day forth. We’re not going to wait another day, we’re not going to wait another week. We’re now on this issue and it’s going to go national if they don’t step up to the plate,” said Dr. Paris Evans, vice president of the National Action Network.

WJZ asked Rob Weinhold — who spent years working in local law enforcement — how long and complex investigations like this can be.

“There are so many moving parts. There’s forensic evidence, physical evidence, witness testimony,” he said. “One thing the investigators will do will determine whether or not the officer placed himself on duty.”

He says there’s no strict timetable and that tracking down credible witnesses is key to answering critical questions, including whether the officer identified himself.

But for those who knew Brown, patience is running thin.

“They’re not being fair. They’re being biased so go ahead and charge the guy and let the courts deal with him,” said Hamilton.

Brown’s mother also had harsh words for Police Chief Jim Johnson, calling it cowardly that no one from the police department attended the community meeting Tuesday night.

Community members are being urged to call their lawmakers, police, prosecutors and even call in to radio shows to demand justice for Christopher Brown.


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