Orioles reliever Troy Patton joined the Haynie and Zinno show this afternoon to talk about his opportunity to be a part of a bullpen that has surprised many and surpassed expectations.  Listen to the entire interview here:

Patton has only known success with the Orioles, as he joined the team as they were getting hot in September last season.  The 26-year-old pitcher didn’t know what to expect when he was given a roster spot at the beginning of the year, but was excited to be a part of a bullpen that allowed few runs throughout spring training.

Although Patton has found success in his reliever role, Patton says he admires Angels’ pitcher C.J. Wilson’s career path, which went from that of a closer to a premiere starter, and hopes to mimic Wilson’s success someday.

“Every pitcher would like to be a starter at some point.  You get to put your imprint more on the game.  You’re in for more pitches, it’s just a more prestigious position to me other than Jim [Johnson] at the closer.”

Jason Hammel has been the ace of the Orioles this season, and Patton says he’s enjoyed having the prime seat of watching him from center field.

“He’s uber impressive, throws with a lot of downhill tilt, has a lot of run and action on everything he throws, so he’s a great guy to watch from center field, lot of life on the ball.”

Patton confirmed that the attitude of this year’s Orioles team is unmistakable: this team expects to win every game.

Written by Intern Dave Andrews


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