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BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Another heat wave is making its way across Maryland. A Heat Advisory is in effect for the entire region. Temperatures are soaring toward the triple-digit mark.

Meghan McCorkell has more.

The heat is on as a summer scorcher burns Baltimore.


“It’s sweaty!”

“It is too hot.”

“I almost fainted!”

The extreme heat is extremely dangerous.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 was over the Patterson Park pool as paramedics rushed to a report of heat exhaustion.

“It doesn’t have to be that hot for them to get in to trouble,” Dr. Clifford Mitchell of the Baltimore City Health Department said. “The people at the biggest risk are those with medical problems, people who live by themselves, the elderly, and then people who work outside.”

“Very concerning symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, but typically heat-related illness will start with things with cramps, generalized weakness. Sometimes, people will get dizzy when they stand up or engage in a little bit more strenuous activity,” said Dr. Benjamin Lawner, of the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Friday alone, emergency crews around the region responded to many heat-related illnesses.

“Take a break frequently. Drink plenty of fluids. And if they feel sick at all, make sure they get inside to someplace cool,” Mitchell said.

Easier said than done.

At the O’s game, it was 100 degrees before the first pitch at Camden Yards, and down on the field, it’s about 10 degrees hotter.

“I’m already sweating.”

“This is June-July weather!”

“The heat’s wet, and it’s just sweat, you know?”

The park tried to cool down fans by passing out free cups of ice.

For some, staying cool was nearly impossible.

At the Under Armour lacrosse tournament at Towson University, players are battling triple-digit heat.

“I’ve been out in the heat for about four hours.”
McCorkell: “How are you feeling?”
“I feel horrible! I’m drinking water.”

Here, any shade will do.

“Keeping just the sunburn down.”

But the humidity remains relentless.

“It’s 105 degrees! It’s just too much.”

At this point, Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is not reporting any outages. They tell WJZ they are ready to handle the next few days of heat. BGE will likely activate its PeakRewards program which cycles air conditioners on and off for those enrolled in it, and have crews on hand if there is an outage.

“We feel pretty good that we’ve got enough supply to handle the anticipated electric load, the requirement for electricity that our customers will have in this heat,” Rob Gould, a spokesperson for BGE, said.

In Baltimore City, cooling centers will be opened throughout the weekend and city pools will have extended hours. Click here to get the locations and hours of those cooling centers.

This is only the beginning of Maryland’s big, sweaty, humid heat wave. In order to stay hydrated, remember to avoid sugary and alcoholic beverages.


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