Former Baltimore Colt Bruce Laird called into the Haynie and Zinno show this afternoon to give a professional’s take on whether or not Raven’s quarterback Joe Flacco deserves to be called “overrated.”

Listen to the Interview here:

The former safety echoed the mantra of the late Al Davis, saying, “Just Win, Baby!”

In Laird’s eyes, Flacco is a winner; he just hasn’t won it all because he’s still a work in progress.  Laird says the thing that separates Flacco from the top quarterbacks in the game is that Flacco doesn’t do enough on his own to orchestrate plays at the line.  Instead, Laird says, Flacco relies too heavily on offensive coordinator Cam Cameron to call plays.

“You must be able to be the maestro, to be the guy that can check out of that play, to a play that will work with what you’re looking at.  And Joe Flacco does not do that yet. “

Laird says until Flacco wants to be the undisputed controller of the team, he’s just a guy with all the right tools.

“When he’s there, he’ll have everything.  Cause right now all he does is win, and thank God for Cam [Cameron] cause Cam’s been right a lot more than he’s been wrong.”

Written by Intern Dave Andrews


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