BALTIMORE (WJZ)—You’ve heard the line about how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. Well, as Mike Schuh reports, that same line could be adapted to Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Natural talent and hard work allowed World Series champ Al Bumbry to put in 13 seasons with the O’s. Catcher Chris Hoiles once played an entire year without making an error.

They’re good guys to learn from. Beyond their talent, how’d they make it to the major leagues?

Practice, dedication, teamwork.

“It’s the overall knowledge the players are giving to the kids. It’s going to be worth all the time in the world they spent here,” said Rich Hage, of Glen Burnie.

It’s clinic day at the yard.

“It’s nice to have all these all stars and legends out here teaching us. It’s really good experience. It’s an honor,” said Chaz Brunson, EGBC Giants.

And to run the bases! It’s a day these kids will, perhaps, always remember.

“Kids are so excited. It’s great to see,” said Joe Tarpine. “I think he’s going to learn something out here. The experience is obviously awesome.”

“You know it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them,” Hoiles said.

Well, how did these kids get lucky enough to be out here? They’re on one of the 200 little league or softball teams that Giant sponsors.

“You know this helps us connect with the communities even more. We’ll have managers come out to the little league practices,” said Jamie Miller, Giant Foods.

“The lessons the kids learn whether they use it on the field or not are ones that they need: dedication and teamwork, and these are ones that transcend the ballfield,” said Greg Bader, Orioles communications director.

The day ends with a visit with O’s pitcher Jim Johnson.

With talent and practice, who knows what paths these kids will take.

Friday’s clinic was at Camden Yards. The grocery chain will hold more than two dozen of them at area ballfields.


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