The storms may be gone, but the damage will linger for weeks.

The strong line of severe thunderstorms that plowed across the state Friday night, hit everyone. Wind gusts were frequently reported up to 70 mph. Just for perspective, 74 mph equals the same strength as a category 1 hurricane. And these were all straight line winds, no tornadoes. That’s why we always try to stress the importance of strong winds, regardless if they are twisting or not.

The front that caused these storms has stalled just to our south, prompting another round of severe weather Saturday night. Although it’s not as widespread, there are still some thunderstorms making their way to lower parts of the Eastern Shore and the beaches. Those will die down overnight. However, that same front will remain stalled over the same general area Sunday. We will have to wait to see exactly where the boundary sets up as the heating of the day gets underway, but there will be another round of thunderstorms again later Sunday. It will not be as widespread, but there will be some out there.

At the same time, the heat will continue. Temperatures will come close to 100 degrees again Sunday afternoon. Even though they will back off a little Monday and Tuesday, we are only talking about a few degrees. Our stretch of 90+ degree days hit four today, and will only add up as we move through the week with 90+ degrees forecast through next weekend.

There is also the varying chance for late-day thunderstorms almost every day through this same stretch – but the strength and coverage will vary.


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