By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Thousands of people are turning to dry ice to keep their food from spoiling.

Mike Schuh reports that the only manufacturer of dry ice in Maryland is also being affected by the storms.

Hours before opening Capitol Carbonic, there was a big line of people waiting to receive dry ice. They were hot and sweaty.

“We’re going to take care of as many people as we can,” said George Blyth, Capitol Carbonic.

People have been without power since Friday, and have one thing on their mind.

“Trying to get some ice into my refrigerator,” said Paul Debnam.

Not just any ice, but dry ice is in high demand.

“I think we have $300 worth of food in our fridge,” said Daphine Lester.

Miles Wagner, who is without power, says he spent over $750 on food for the holiday.

Customers wait as they know that one of these bags of dry ice will keep their food safe. However, there is one problem here: Maryland’s dry ice factory has no power.

That’s right, the place which helps those without power is without power– preventing the production of more ice.

“I guess for 30 or 40 years we’ve been on the power grid for the hospital up the street and never had any issues.  I don’t know if they changed grids, but we’re out of power at our location and unable to manufacture,” Blyth said.

They used to sell ice to BGE. State emergency managers would understand the importance of what they provide to the public.

Now “I guess we wait in line just like everyone does,” Blyth said.

Further down the line,  everyone’s looking for a solution.

“I’m going to buy a generator,” said Milton A.

When the 10,000 pounds of dry ice are gone, the factory hopes to get a truck in from its other location in Delaware.

BGE tells WJZ that it is working first on bringing power to buildings deemed to be critical to public safety. But because of the benefit that dry ice brings to the community, that company is now on BGE’s escalated work schedule.


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