Glenn Younes: Tigers’ Back

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If you notice I’m not asking or saying Tiger is back, I’m telling you I got Tigers’ back and have had it. I didn’t start to follow Tiger, cheer for Tiger, get deeper and deeper into golf because of any other reason except for what Tiger did on the course. I didn’t stop being a fan because of his personal life. Yes, he messed up but many do and even worse. I don’t endorse or like what he did to his family but it’s his personal life.

I know him for his golf and I’ve always said he’d get back to form. When, where, how, I never knew exactly, how can one even guess at that? But I knew he’d play great golf again. Only way I knew was from past performance, he still had it in him I felt and I still feel it. The 2012 win at AT&T National (his charity event) only continues to strengthen my belief that Tiger Woods is on the path to his familiar spot as the best player in the world… via a larger trip to the best ever.

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