BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A big bust for Baltimore police this week. They caught a drug dealer who may have been selling guns from his South Baltimore home. Detectives say that without tips from neighbors, they may have never arrested the suspect.

Gigi Barnett has more on the bust.

Neighbors in the Lakeland section of South Baltimore say they stick to themselves but police say someone came forward in that neighborhood with some very valuable information.

Charles Wilson, 25, lost his freedom this Independence Day. City police followed an anonymous tip that led them to his house on Norland Road on Wednesday. They raided the house and discovered a cache of guns, cocaine and prescription drugs.

“We feel like we got a gun dealer, as well as a drug dealer. It was just a great grab,” Donny Moses, spokesman for the Baltimore City Police Department, said.

Once inside, detectives also found nearly $12,000 in cash.

Wilson lives on what seems to be a quiet street. But, according to police, someone knew about his alleged dealings and called the cops.

“The information that we got from the community, the information was very valuable,” Moses said.

“It makes me feel a little uneasy because my kids have to be around here,” an unidentified homeowner in the neighborhood said.

Some neighbors echoed the same concern as this unidentified homeowner. They want to protect their children and their block.

“We’re close to downtown, we’re close to Cherry Hill. It’s pretty well known that the south side of Baltimore isn’t that safe,” the homeowner said.

Detectives also found a raid jacket and a scanner which leads them to believe that Wilson may have been involved in other criminal activity.

“We may be looking at him as one of those potential police impersonators. With the raid jacket and the scanners, there’s a lot going on here,” Moses said.

That means that more charges may be on the way for Wilson. He already faces 14 different charges of drug and weapons possessions to trafficking.

Wilson’s bail was set at $750,000.


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