We did it. We topped out at 103 degrees, breaking the old record of 101 degrees from 2010. That makes this the 11th straight day of 90 degree+ temperatures. We are looking to tack one more day on to that total before we get some relief Monday.

Unfortunately, the heat breaker may come at a price. A cold front is moving our way from the north. There is a line of strong thunderstorms that are producing wind damage over Pennsylvania Saturday evening. That line has been breaking up since the sun started to set, but we could still get a strong thunderstorm before the night is through. Then, a new round of thunderstorms will fire along this same front/boundary when it is draped horizontally across the state Sunday. The Storm Prediction Center has already highlighted all of Maryland for the chance of strong or maybe severe thunderstorms again Sunday. The biggest threat will be damaging winds and maybe some hail.

This front is not going to be a quick mover, and will only get down to the Carolinas Monday. That will put us on the cooler side of it, but keep it close enough for some showers or maybe a few thunderstorms. Highs will drop to the 80s Monday, then stay in the 80s through at least Thursday, if not into the weekend. The front will also remain stalled just to our south for a few days before it gets drawn off to the north again later in the week. It will bring some thunderstorms and showers with it when it comes north again.


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