The 2012 Wimbledon Championship, like it had six times prior, was won by Roger Federer following his defeat of Great Britain’s Andy Murray in four sets.

The short story is about fantastic tennis via an all time great and the hope of a nation. The long story is about the fight, passion and determination of the same pair of players. Both stories are compelling but having them together Sunday was a special day of sports for sure.

Federer is no doubt an all-time great but his seventh Wimbledon title and seventeenth major puts him one notch higher on a list that may not have had anyone above him to begin with Sunday.

It begs a life long sports talk question: Is Federer better at his sport than the other greats at their sport? It’s a mindless task because there is no set answer, which is what also makes it fun. I could make the argument for Federer, Tiger, Ali, Gretzky, or Jordan. This is not the platform to make the comparisons of the aforementioned, that we do on my show, but it is the platform to bring up the thought.

No matter the final answer it’s pretty lofty status for the greatest tennis player of all-time, which is who Federer is. I know we will debate more on the air than off it but I also know greatness when I see it. Roger Federer is just that.

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-Glenn Younes


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