Jeremiah Tittle, Executive Producer of “Basketball and Beyond” with Coach Mike Krzyweski and Communications Professor at the University of Maryland, called into The Glenn Younes Shows to talk about what he observed of the U.S Olympic Men’s Basketball team in Las Vegas.

Tittle spent four days in Las Vegas observing the team practice and said it was amazing to see how well the players got along with one another.

“It’s amazing to see the greatest players in the game just joking around and having a good time clowning each other,” he said.

He was also surprised how well the two leaders of the team, Kevin Durant and Lebron James, got along considering their past history in the NBA Finals.

“You would think some of the heat, no pun intended, that comes after [the NBA Finals] could develop into a rivalry, you would think some of that would carry over, but their thick as thieves.

Tittle also talked about how well the players received Coach Krzyweski as the Head Coach.

“Kobe [Bryant] basically said that the one thing you wouldn’t; know about Coach K is the fact that he’ got a damn good sense of humor. He can bring down the armor,” he said.

Recently Serge Ibaka who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA, but is on Spain’s Olympic team said that he thinks Spain’s talent can match the United States. Tittle said this will definitely provide motivation for the U.S team.

“What I was getting at was the fact that’s something Coach Krzyweski is going to have in the locker room. It’s going to be posted up there, everyone’s going to loot at it, you would need no more motivation from any of those players when you see something like that,” he said.


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