Glenn Younes On Lebron, Cundiff And More

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Glenn Younes
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To survive a night without the Glenn Younes Show thanks to the Major League Baseball All Star Game, here is a compilation of G-unit’s best rants over the past month. It is the one and only Glenn “The Unicorn” Younes at his finest.

Here are some highlights:

“Glenn are you saying that LeBron should walk off the court after a loss and not shake hands because he was mad? What about sportsmanship? What does that say to the children?!”

“It’s like going from homeless to living in your car. Is it a step up? Yes. Is it what you should stride for? No.”

“I’m pretty sure that Billy Cundiff kicking the ball with outside of his left foot instead of the inside of his right foot was not because a few guys missed voluntaries.”

Listen to the full compilation HERE:

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