BALTIMORE (WJZ)–A steady trend has developed over the past six decades. Fewer people are living in rural areas, and more are in cities and towns.

Keep that in mind as Mike Schuh has more about the place where the best of rural life is showcased.

This walk into the Cow Palace is a chance for some to see something for the first time.

Schuh: “Everyone knows eggs come from the store and milk from a plastic jug.”
Laura Kefavver, 4-H of Baltimore County: “That’s true. And that was where we were going with this: Milk from a cow, eggs from a chicken.”

To milk a cow, to make ice cream in a bag, is to open minds.

“For one example, there are children who say that chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows, which isn’t true,” Zia Fields, a 4-H educator, said. “The flavoring is added later. So it’s important for children to know where their food comes from and the best way to understand that is to see it.”

Five hundred kids are getting that chance.

“I saw cows, horses and I saw some sheeps,” 6-year-old Zion Alston said.

“It’s fun to teach them new things. For instance, my chicken just laid an egg and it’s fun to see their reactions to the eggs and everything,” Cassie Powers from Parkville said.

All the education goals aside, let’s not forget:

“It’s fun. Seeing a large animal is fun, especially if you’re not from a farm and never seen a horse, cow or a pig. It’s kind of cool to see those things,” Fields said.

That 4-H fair continues through Sunday afternoon at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. It’s open to the public and is free. For information about the fair, click here.


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