Aaron Wilson, who cover the Baltimore Ravens for the Baltimore Sun, called into The Scott Garceau show to talk about the upcoming season, the rest of the AFC North, and the possibility of Terrell Suggs playing this year.

Wilson said the Offensive line is something that needs to be sorted out over Training Camp.

“They have to soldify the offensive line. They have to get Brian McKinnie in shape, get him all set over at the left tackle spot. They want to settle on a left guard,” he said.

With the deadline to sign players approaching Wilson finds it unlikely that Ray Rice, Ed Reed, or Joe Flacco will get new deals, however, feels that Rice in particular will show up for training camp.

“I could see [Ray Rice] make something of stand. But I don’t think he’ll miss a signifcant amount of camp, if at all. I think he’s eager to get back with his teammates,” he said.

Wilson also was surprised when the Cleveland Browns selected former Baylor Wide Receiver, Josh Gordon, from the Supplemental Draft.

“That’s a huge statement to give up a second rounder whose had a lot of off the field problems at Baylor, got dismissed from the team. As a high second round pick this is about a 5.3 million dollar deal,” he said.

As far as the Cincinnati Bengals go, Wilson is a little skeptical on how good the Bengals will actually be this season.

“I just wonder if they’ve done enough in terms of upgrading the season. I think [Marvin Lewis] is building something but I’m just not sure if they have what it takes to take the next step and be a contender annually,” he said.

Wilson says with all the changes going on with the Pittsburgh Steelers it will be interesting to see whether they will be competitive.

“They got Todd Haley as Offensive Coordinator. His he going to get along with Ben Roethlisberger? That’s something to watch. Those are two strong personalities and I am also curious about the running back position with Rashard Mendenhall not going to be ready,” he said.

Wilson also cautioned those who hope for Terrell Suggs to return before the end of the upcoming season.

“Essentially you look at what Terrell Suggs gives you this year as a bonus. It’s going to be an incremental progress. It’s going to be a long time before he walks normally, then jogs, then runs. And we won’t see him practice for a very long time. So I imagine, if there is any at all risk of a set back they just shut him down. He’s too valuable,” he said.

-Sarah Davis


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