BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A remarkable Maryland girl continues to make great strides despite living with a tough condition commonly known as brittle bone disease.

Mary Bubala has the story.

We first introduced you to Hannah Brammer six years ago and wanted to check back in with her.

Bubala: “Whenever I see you, you are always smiling. Why do you smile so much?”

Brammer: “That’s just me.”

Twelve-year-old Brammer has the most infectious giggle, which is truly amazing knowing that so much of her life has been lived in pain.

Brammer was born with osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disease.

Her story is inspiring to so many people, including a mega star in the world of music.

“Happy birthday dear Hannah Brammer, fu famma, fu nama,” sang Beyonce.

Beyonce sends birthday wishes to Brammer every year and spends time with her after concerts.

“She knows I like Hello Kitty and she sent me Hello Kitty stuff, ” Brammer said.

Brammer loves to go to the concerts but soon she will be going to Shriners Hospital in Montreal for special treatment.

Her mom sold their van to pay for the trip.

“She’s had now well over 110 bone fractures, just sustained three in early May, and she was hospitalized and now we are on the course of going to Shriners in Montreal to see what can be done because bone deformities have increased,” said Valerie Brammer, mother.

Bubala: “Oh, I love your room. I love it.”

Hannah Brammer: “Thank you.”

Bubala: “Clearly pink is your favorite color.”

Hannah Brammer: “Yes.”

Hannah Brammer uses a motorized chair, and her mom is raising money online to buy a new van that’s compatible with her chair.

It costs more than $60,000, but it would allow Hannah Brammer to spread her joy. And guess where she’d go first?

Valerie Brammer: “You can go to the mall. Would you like that?”

Hannah Brammer: “Yes.”

Valerie Brammer: “Why?”

Hannah Brammer: “So I could shop.”

If you would like to learn more about Hannah Brammer or help in any way, click here.


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