Christine Brennan, columnist for the USA Today and bestselling author of ‘Best Seat In The House’, called into The Scott Garceau Show to talk about the upcoming Olympics and her take on Penn State.

Brennan, who has covered every Olympics since 1984, said although she likes both the Winter and Summer games, they are both vastly different.

“It’s very different. I actually love them both, for entirely different reasons. Winter games are much smaller. The Summer Olympics are a three-ring circus. There is no way you can know what’s going on everywhere,” she said.

Brennan also commented on the South African runner, Oscar Pistorius, whose being allowed to compete in two track events during the games, despite that fact he’ll be running on prosthetic legs.

“There is controversy, people say is that fair? Can he run faster? Is there something unfair about this? To which I say that’s ridiculous. His time, I think, is the 56th fastest in the world,” she said.

Brennan also said that Tyler Cleary’s recent comments about Michael Phelps did not make sense.

“To say that Michael Phelps, kind of infer that he’s a lazy guy, is preposterous. Michael Phelps is one of the greatest athletes to have ever been seen in this country. His record shows it. He has been as great and solid performer as we have ever seen, not just in the Olympic Games, but in any sport. Ever,” she said.

Brennan also commented on the Penn State scandal, and the release of the Freeh Report.

“I think they should suspend the program for at least a year, if not more, and I think that [Joe Paterno] statue should have come down Thursday. I’m stunned that the statue is still there,” she said.

She also said that the lack of leadership at Penn State is astounding and something needs to change the culture of the university.

“Secondary, the culture of at Penn State is appalling, and the fact that they’ve done nothing in the last week to me says everything about the fact they just want the standard quot to continue,” she said.

-Sarah Davis


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