BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Record-breaking heat followed by severe storms. We’re coming off a very extreme 24 hours in our region.

Derek Valcourt has more on the damage left behind by Wednesday night’s powerful storm.

The storms were not nearly as strong as the ones that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands a couple of weeks ago, but they did cause some damage mainly south of Baltimore City where trees and power lines were downed and sparked a couple of house fires as well.

From Sky Eye Chopper 13 you can see the line of storms that stretched across the region bringing intense rain, and at times, fierce lightning.

It was lightning that struck the home of Edward Thomas and his wife.

“I was looking out the back door and seeing sparks like a flare going off out back, fireworks. And I yelled to my wife, ‘We’ve been hit by lightning,'” Thomas said.

As the two made their way out and called 911, fire began to spread through their home. Firefighters quickly got the blaze under control but not before extensive damage.

“It’s all been remodeled– a new kitchen and everything. And what’s not burned is water-damaged,” Thomas said.

Lightning is also blamed for another fire at a house on Coventry Road in Crownsville. Nearby, tree crews spent time cleaning up what the storms strong winds took down.

Transit officials were forced to close the Bay Bridge during rush hour after winds sent scaffolding crashing into the westbound lanes. The storm also caused troubles in Washington, D.C. and its Maryland suburbs.

High winds took out a massive tree in the District knocking out power.

“It was two big booms. I said, ‘Oh my God!'” Brenda Wilson said.

Wilson watched as lightning also blew out power in Prince George’s County’s Hillcrest Heights neighborhood.

“I was standing right outside my house and I could see it right up the street. It was big. It looked like fireworks in the sky,” she said.

The intense rains caused some minor localized flooding leaving a messy cleanup for a few homeowners.

BGE reports 9,300 lost power during the storm, but they say all of them have been turned back on. The utility’s crews are on standby as more storms roll through the area Thursday night.


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