For about 10 days now something has been bothering me, I couldn’t put my finger on it, have been trying.  A few things did dawn on my though… I try to do it right….and despite trying to spread that vibe and fight to make everyone the same as me it won’t work. And it won’t work because there will always be bad out there. The Penn State situation is a huge example. The shooting at a movie theater is an even bigger one.

I got an email several days ago from a man saying he liked the show, that I took a stance etc.,  but that I would have choked if I were the one who walked in on Sandusky (like Mcqueary). Where does that thought even come from? It comes from evil. It comes from knowing evil is out there and coming to terms with it. I haven’t gotten there in my life yet, hope I never get there. If I do it’s proof I’ve given in to evil. I may fight till the day I die but I hope I’m fighting for something good. Doing things the right way in this world. Standing up against the wrong at a major football program, be damned the fall out. Even small things like telling employees they are wanted, needed and doing a good job. Not false praise, I’ll never do that. But proper praise. I have employees or an employee, producers, interns etc. I manage people and make my mistakes but ignoring situations all together is evil, big or small.

My issue today has been how to combat that evil. Not sure I’ve come to a conclusion other than that I want to do good, be good and it’s a constant struggle. Hope others will join me in trying to be better. I know most of this is mindless banter but the POWERFUL PENN ST shows we’ve done shook me and I want some good to come from it.

The show last Friday about the shooting was proof positive that we do still have hope and reality in society, despite it seemingly slipping through our hands We’ve got to do better! All of us!

Please help us all get and do better.

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