The deadline to make a trade is next Tuesday (at least a trade where the player doesn’t have to clear waivers). So what do the Orioles do?

They clearly need some help, at corner infield, maybe left field, and in the rotation. However, they don’t have a lot of give up, and does it really make sense to give up a lot?  The Orioles are legitimately in the race, but I am skeptical they will make the playoffs, and even more skeptical they can do much damage if they get in.

That said, stranger things have happened, and the Orioles have to give it the old college try. I expect them to make a move or two, but would strongly advise against trading away too much. Certainly, they won’t trade Bundy or Machado, so that limits what they can get. The Orioles have already overachieved, but they have to keep it going.

Finishing over .500 would be huge, as it would signal to free agents that Baltimore is a legitimate place to come play.


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