ABERDEEN, Md. (WJZ)– A manhunt is on for the gunman who kidnapped Cal Ripken’s mother, and held her hostage for nearly 24 hours. Police need your help to find out who he is and why he abducted Vi Ripken.

Meghan McCorkell has new clues in the investigation.

Police have released a flier with surveillance pictures of the man they say abducted Vi Ripken. Now, the hunt is on to find him.

Police say the suspect kidnapped Vi Ripken at gunpoint from the garage of her Aberdeen home Tuesday morning. A surveillance camera captured the images.

“He was wearing a white shirt, a long white shirt, blue jeans, had a hat on,” described Lt. Fred Budnick of the Aberdeen Police Department said.

The suspect tied up Vi Ripken and forced her into the back seat of her silver Lincoln Town Car. He then drove her around Central Maryland.

Tuesday night, someone at a Baltimore County Royal Farms spotted Vi Ripken and her abductor and called police.

But it wasn’t till Wednesday morning that she was found, still tied up. The kidnapper left her inside her car, steps from her home.

“That’s scary. It could happen to anybody,” Glenda Thompson, a resident of Aberdeen, said.

Business owners are now putting up fliers of the suspect hoping someone recognizes him.

“It’s a pretty good picture of him. I think he’ll end up getting caught and paying for what he did,” Josh Bratton said.

Hopefully, we catch this guy because he’s trouble,” James Summers said.

Vi Ripken is a staple at the Ironbirds games here at Ripken Stadium. Fans are still in shock.

“It just shows you how this world is nowadays. You never know,” Frank Gigliotti of Middle River said.

Vi Ripken’s abduction had fans on edge before Thursday night’s game.

“It’s a little scary being this close. I mean we don’t live far,” Tiffany Martin of Forest Hill said.

Now, police say they need the public’s help to find the gunman and put him behind bars.

Police say the surveillance images come from a credible lead in this case. No ransom was ever requested and they still don’t have a motive.

Police are now offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in this case.


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