Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh said that he believes that Michael Oher who is in his fourth season can be the Ravens starting left tackle. Sort of by default. Since Bryant McKinnie who was the starter did not report to training camp because of a “personal issue. ” and with that the Ravens are moving Oher from the right side to the left. “We’re very comfortable with Michael at left tackle,” Harbaugh said. The team is unsure when – or if, McKinnie will return, and Harbaugh didn’t want to get into the specifics of his absence. “He contacted us through a representative, he’s dealing with an issue right now,” Harbaugh said. “I don’t really want to speak for him on that.” The Ravens selected Oher in the first round in the 2009 NFL draft. He has yet to not miss a start since coming into the league, but in 2010 he was playing left tackle. He has been working very hard in the offseason with the left side. The Ravens 26 year old lineman- said he doesn’t have a preference in terms of which position he plays.

Harbaugh added that the team always had confidence that Oher would move back to the left side. With Oher being on the left side, now the team’s next pressing question is who will be the starter on the right side. Rookie Kelechi Osemele (back), Jah Reid who is in his second season (calf) and Ramon Harewood is in his third year with the Ravens (ankle) can be the best candidates, Harewood got most of the “reps” on day 1- but left with an ankle injury- in fact all three of them missed Thursdays practice because of injuries. Osemele and Reid are expected to return somewhat soon, but the team is unsure of Harewood’s staus. One more notable Haloti Ngata missed practice after “tweaking his hamstring ” during a condition test ….

WATCH VIDEO: Harbaugh on McKinnie and Conditions



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