GAMBRILLS, Md. (WJZ) — Fifty thousand dollars worth of guns and marijuana plants were found inside a Gambrills home. Police say this drug operation put kids in jeopardy because it was right across the street from Arundel High School.

Andrea Fujii has more on the investigation.

Police say neighbors led them to a Gambrills home. Inside they found 24 guns, including an AK-47. There were 46 marijuana plants outside.

On Saturday, they arrested the homeowner, 53-year-old Nicholas Dominick.

“It is a lot of weapons to have in one individual’s possession in unison of a large marijuana grow operation,” said Anne Arundel County Police Captain Randy Jones.

Dominick—who is out on bond—says the marijuana was for his medical use.

“I have a lot of back pain issues. I had surgery on my neck for cervical fusion, and I can’t take medication and pain pills and stuff like that,” Dominick said.

“All the plants are between four and six feet tall, a large amount of marijuana. Too much for single consumption by one individual,” Jones said.

The suspect’s house on Watts Road is right across the street from Arundel High School.

Being in a school zone makes charges against Dominick more severe, but police say there’s no evidence he sold drugs to kids.

Neighbors say they’re surprised by the discovery but still consider the area safe.

“Nobody ever come down this street, hardly. It’s the quietest street in the town. That’s why we like it here,” said Kurt Speiss Jr.

“None of it ever left the property and that’s the issue. None of it ever left the property,” Dominick said.

The suspect faces seven felonies and two misdemeanors, including intent to distribute marijuana in a school zone. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years behind bars.

Police say of the suspect’s 24 guns, only 10 were registered.


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