AURORA, Co. (WJZ) — What did the man accused of shooting up a Colorado movie theater say to his psychiatrist? That question is now the subject of a legal debate that could shed new light on the attack.

Adam May reports.

The weekend was filled with funeral and memorial services for the victims of the Colorado movie theater shooting.

Suspect James Holmes is scheduled to be formally charged in court Monday, but friends and families of the victims are still trying to come to grips with what happened.

“In a moment of crisis, you don’t have time to think about what you’re going to do. All you have time is to react,” said Reverend Herb Shaffer.

A court document released Friday disclosed that Holmes was a patient of psychiatrist Lynne Fenton. Police seized a package Holmes sent her just days before the attack. Now, his attorneys are fighting to get it back. A former Denver prosecutor agrees with Holmes’ position.

“Any communications between the defendant and the psychiatrist are absolutely protected. We don’t know at this point when was the last time he had any communications with her. We don’t know the nature of the communications,” said Karen Steinhauser.

Twelve people were killed in the movie theater and dozens were injured, including Pierce O’Farrill, who was sitting near the emergency exit.

“When I saw him, literally everything stopped like everything was in slow motion. I couldn’t hear the movie anymore. I couldn’t hear anything. Like, literally I could feel I could hear his footsteps walking in the theater,” said O’Farrill.

O’Farrill was just released from the hospital, and he knows what he would say if he ever came face-to-face with the man who shot him three times.

“I would say, I forgive you and I’d ask him if I could pray for him. Truth is, every person in this world deserves forgiveness,” he said. “But I also pray he gets life in prison.”

In Maryland, a Hagerstown movie theater is making a donation to the victims of the tragedy in Aurora. Leitersburg Cinemas will donate $1 of every ticket sold Sunday.


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