Kobe is the latest but not only NBA star who has made it known that he thinks that the basketball team should be paid but qualified it by saying he’d play anyway. We debated this point this morning and while we can make valid points on both sides of this issue (and no I do not think these super wealthy athletes should be paid to represent the USA) my point is why can’t guys like Kobe ever just say something that makes me feel great about our athletes.

What about saying something like “it’s an honor to represent the country that has allowed me to become a wealthy man”. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

Plus, what’s it say about the mindset of NBA players? I don’t remember NHL players asking to be compensated and what does that convey to the other Olympians who sacrifice so much just for the chance to compete for their country and then return to their jobs upon return from London.

I don’t quite know if it’s a big deal or not but it just seems a tad ungrateful to me and highlights the fact that in America for many people money is all that matters .


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