Sometimes I think that people forget what year it is.  It amazes me that the brain trust at NBC seems to have forgotten that internet exists.  That everyone owns a smart phone.  That information accessibility is quicker now than it’s ever been. So when the London Olympic games began, someone should have been smart enough to figure out that results would get back to America quicker than any broadcaster could tell us all how “incredible that performance was!”

And so what!  For all the Olympic die-hards that don’t want to know the results because you want to watch it in tape delay, wake up!  Text message, Twitter, Facebook, email, television … are you telling me that you are avoiding all of this for six to eight hours until 9pm tonight to watch an event that has already happened?  I’m calling bull!  Regardless of whether you know the outcome or not, you are still watching!  So you say, “but it ruined the surprise for me” … you’re not seven-years old anymore!  Surprises suck anyway!  I mean Titanic was one of the largest grossing films of all time and EVERYONE knew the ending, yet they still watched!!  In case you didn’t know, the boat sinks!  Oops! I should have said “spoiler alert” first!


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