ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Maryland is a battleground state in the fight over same-sex marriage. Now the race is on to win voters before the issue goes on the ballot in November.

Meghan McCorkell has more on a new poll that may suggest a change in public opinion.

Supporters of same-sex marriage say the tide is shifting in their direction, and new poll numbers suggest they are gaining ground.

The countdown to the showdown over same-sex marriage has started.

A new poll from Marylanders for Marriage Equality shows that 54 percent now support same-sex marriage, with 40 percent opposed.

“People know that they have friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers who just want to have the same opportunity to say ‘I do’ like everybody else does,” said Josh Levin, Maryland for Marriage Equality.

But political analysts warn polls may not be a good indicator.

“What happens is that sometimes people think it’s socially correct or politically correct to indicate they support gay marriage, and that’s a private matter they might vote against it,” said Dr. Richard Vatz, political analyst.

Same-sex marriage is a hot button issue nationally after the president of Chick-fil-A spoke out against it.

Across the country and here in Maryland people flooded Chick-fil-A to support the company’s stance.

“The people that were there showing their support with their wallets yesterday definitely shows that they’ll be there in the polls in November,” said Jarrett Wolf, supports traditional marriage.

Wolf waited in line at a Bel Air restaurant.

He’s hoping Maryland votes down same-sex marriage.

“I hope it stands for traditional marriage. I think the family should be more sustained and more supported than be redefined right now,” he said.

But supporters say now is the time.

“We’re working everyday to talk to more voters across the state to make sure that everybody understands what this law is about,” Levin said.

Both sides are promising a race to the finish in November.

Supporters of same-sex marriage are planning their own event at Chick-fil-As around the country this Friday.

Same-sex marriage has been voted down in every other state where it’s been put on the ballot.


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