Former Baltimore Ravens Offensive Linemen, Wally Williams, called into The Norris and Davis Show to talk about the start of Ravens training camp.

Last year, some accused Safety, Ed Reed, of not tackling well, and Williams think Reed’s former neck injury could be to blame.

“I think that’s always going to be an issue. when you have neck problems and you’re in a position where you have to make tackles and make plays, and do your job, that’s always going to be in the back of your mind,” he said.

Ravens’ Nose Tackle, Haloti Ngata, has yet to practice at training camp, but Williams said it’s nothing to be concerned about.

“He’s a veteran guy. he knows how his body is going to react to work and what he has to do. He’ll be back to play when the time is right. He’s just taking his time about it,” he said.

Williams also praised Linebacker Ray Lewis’ weight loss.

“I think Ray has been really smart about this and I think he understands he has to be a little better on getting off blocks and maybe losing weight can help him do that by just showing more speed and agility,” he said.

The Ravens recently brought in University of Texas Kicker, Justin Tucker, to compete with Billy Cundiff for the starting job. Williams said this is something everyone will be watching very closely.

“I think the entire city of Baltimore is watching this match-up to see if Cundiff is going to be there or is Tucker going to be there,” he said.

Williams also commented on Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, who relieved he had a slight torn rotator cuff.

“Maybe you want to start making excuses for bad play before the year started,” he said.

-Sarah Davis


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