A ridge of high pressure is starting to spread out across the Northeast and also in parts of the mid-Atlantic states. As this bubble of high pressure begins to weaken Friday afternoon, some convection (showers and thunderstorms) should start to develop over some of the higher terrain located well to the north and west of the big cities. Therefore, we should mention that in addition to it being hot and rather humid Friday afternoon with some sunshine, there’ll be a few widely
separated showers and a thunderstorm later on — and these should manage to drift into some of the larger cities around nightfall. But any shower or thunderstorm Friday evening shouldn’t last for very long and most places overnight will just be partly cloudy with temperatures in the 70s overnight.

The focus of our attention this weekend will be on the next, approaching front – which should be in pretty close proximity to the coast by early on Sunday night. Temperatures will be mostly in the middle 90s Saturday with no less than partial sunshine. There will also be a couple of showers and a thunderstorm or two in the area, especially during the afternoon and evening.

On Sunday, the shower and thunderstorm activity should be somewhat more widespread, impacting many more communities before the day is through. It will be hot and humid, with most temperatures in the lower 90s in the hottest spots. Any thunderstorm that erupts on Sunday could bring some heavy rainfall and strong, gusty winds.


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